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Palastine, Iraq

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Al Maqbarah al Luthiriyah, Palestinian Territories

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Al `Aridah, Jordan

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Al Emam, Iraq

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Bi'r al Ghayathin, Saudi Arabia

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Ramallah, , Palestinian Territories

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Beni Mellal, Morocco

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Saddat al Hindiyah, Iraq

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31, female, Single

Mineral Bluff, United States

I have a 4 year old Lab mix. She's a sweetheart and an eternal puppy. We love going to the beach together or visiting the local farmers market on the weekends. I love to read, mostly fiction. I've been on a Neil Gaiman kick lately, and my favorite book is Good Omens. I'd consider myself to be very social. I enjoy going out to bars with friends or just hanging out and having a movie night, watching something like Clue or Boomerang. I'm addicted to good coffee and am on a first name basis with my barista. I'd like to get my scuba certification soon and maybe try out cave diving. Oh! And I really want to visit Machu Picchu and see the sun rise over the ruins. Pet peeves include: people who are incapable of using proper grammar, using a fork like a shovel, attempting to mimic cultures that are clearly not your own, and opening bananas from the bottom (I mean really, what sane person does that???)A bit about what I'm looking for- In short, I am looking for a relationship. If you're just looking for a hookup or want to play the field, I'm definitely not the woman for you. Thank you for your time, and I wish you luck....As for the rest of you, now that we're agreed to no games, I'll continue. I enjoy intelligent conversation (with proper grammar!), and a sense of humor is definitely a bonus. Of course, being a dog lover is a must! So yeah, feel free to drop me a line!

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49, male, Single

Arbroath, United Kingdom

Am a nice man, simple romantic and well understanding. I could turn you on within a sec. I like to meet a nice woman to share my thoughts and happiness. A woman who would never lie or cheat at me and should be a woman who has value for true love. If you're the one then write me instead of winking but if you're a robot please don't write. Heheheheh! Further more I like to spend my free time outdoors, enjoying the nature, in the forests and lakes! I like animals! I am very kind and clever and you will never be bored with me! So I think this is enough information about me! MY LOOK IN WOMAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,, A woman who is not scared to talk, doesn't lie, doesn't cheat and who loves me enough to be a friend to my honest way. she must have a good sense of humor, smell gorgeous, be a great kisser too. I want to feel safe with her always. Be someone who will see me a his equal at home and when out together. Not be too jealous either , ,, MY INTEREST , ,,,Enjoy dancing at chatters on Friday nights (not a club), fishing, rugby, music all kinds, reading and watching movies (not drama's). Enjoy being at home as well as being out and also like wrestling and like to be also with that special but not yest to be find .

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43, male, Single

Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

i am a simple man ,i like to play with friends i don't like liar ,cheat,gossip,am a christian, am walking in the path of GOD .i love cooking,swimming,traveling,listing to other people when there are talking .i love reading books ,and i love going to places with my friends ,i love readying my bible when am free .because am a true child of a honest man ,trustworthy,peaceful,respectful.and am single .i love music,and little children they bring me luck when i play with them ,there blessing from kind ,easygoing person,i love nature to the a humble man with good character,respectful to women .

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41, male, Single

Madera, United States

I've been alone for years, struggled with heartarche, betrayal, now everyone is dead and I'm at my wits end. I am deeply loving and will do anything if only someone would give me a chance. All these websites are just profiling to gather information on us. I will tell you anything if you are genuinely interested in me.

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52, female, Separated

Warrens, United States

I want my life to taste like chocolate.Even the words are delicious.When I eat a piece of really good rich chocolate I feel my soul sigh.What would feel like that in my life, what would make me want to pause and close my eyes to savor it?Embracing my passion in my work.Creativity without borders. New moments to capture though my lens.A unending list of places on the planet to explore.Painting with words and hanging them so others can travel through perception into new realities.Loving fully engauged with a open heart.Full belly laughter till tears.Leaning in to my curiosity.Discovering the universe within.Savoring the hunger to be or do more of me.Guilt free afternoon naps.Reading a whole book in one sitting.Excited to start all over the next morning.I want more living in my life.I want more me in my days.I want more.

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Aoubellil, Algeria

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Al Rasheed, Iraq

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El Gaada, Algeria

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Pyramids of Giza, , Egypt

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Karbala, Iraq

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Masjid Sharkas, Egypt


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