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Saddat al Hindiyah, Iraq

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Harisso, Somalia

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El Gaada, Algeria

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Al Adhamiya, Iraq

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51, male, Divorced

Tadcaster, United Kingdom

I moved here 6 months ago, to find the town to be a little dead at night. It's mainly full of retirees. I enjoyed York and I haven't tried Leeds yet. I haven't even got to any singles nights. It's difficult when you only go out on your own. My friends live 90 miles away and I go back there once every 3 months, so I'd like a partner. I am a Digital Magazine Editor, working the Yorkshire area, so I'm always round and about. I am a genuinely funny guy, charming and attractive. I'm interested in Spiritual side of life, for example self awareness and personal development courses. I love the beach and the sea the most and plan to retire somewhere HOT! I have lived a very interesting, difficult and rewarding life so I became a writer and I have just put my 15th into Amazon. I am also a qualified teacher trainer, life coach, business coach and seminar speaker.

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24, male, Single

Philo, United States

I like singing, dancing, running, writing, and eating. I want to meet singles and hopefully get a date and see if it works out. Let me know what your hobbies are please.

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41, male, Single

Azzaba, Algeria

I love te young Algerian friendship and acquaintance with the fairer. dad wants to Dalk also love sports especially football and practice them hold

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33, female, Single

Princeton, United States

I am independent and self reliant. I don't mind being alone but don't want to be lonely. I appreciate the companionship of a good man and the completeness that we can bring to each others lives. I enjoy intimacy and miss it terribly. I would like to find someone I can give my heart to. I am not into the singles social scene. A long term relationship is my ultimate goal. However, I am not going to rush into anything. FRIENDSHIP FIRST IS A MUST! Looks are only the beginning. I am more interested in whats on the inside. I do not expect perfection, just someone with a good kind heart, integrity, intelligence, etc..

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54, female, Separated

North Salt Lake, United States

I am singles and honest person and i am ready for love for the rest of my life

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Ifrane Atlas Seghir, Morocco

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El Mechelette, Tunisia

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Harisso, Somalia

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Jurf Al Sakhar, Iraq

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Karbala, Iraq

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Angula, Somalia

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Al Hurriya, Iraq

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Baghdad, Iraq

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Al Bayyaa, Iraq

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Aoubellil, Algeria

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Khirbat al Jabiri, Palestinian Territories

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Taza Khormatoo, Iraq

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Jabal Abu Furad, Egypt

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Khenifra, Morocco

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Khenifra, Morocco

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Khenifra, Morocco


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