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Al Maqbarah al Luthiriyah, Palestinian Territories

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Al Badi`, Saudi Arabia

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Hayy Masayif, Palestinian Territories

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Matabb Harun, Jordan

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Essaad, Tunisia

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Khirbat al Jamah, Syrian Arab Republic

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28, male, Single

Jiestrakis, Lithuania

To be honest I`m a little lazy and not very social person. I don`t have too many friends but I`m very good with friends that I have. i like to play games in playstation and other online games my dream is to marry a gaming girl ..

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41, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Looking for a reason to stop online dating

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64, male, Widowed

Mbna, United States

I'm optimistic that lightning will strike at just the right moment, with just the right person! winks, taking a moment to say hello or drop your emaill is much more meaningful :-)I would describe myself as happy, outgoing, warm, friendly and engaging. I would also say that I tend to lean more on the traditional side, and appreciate a little more of the old fashioned way of dating and romance... A lost art to many these days it seems! Although trying to meet someone online doesn't fall under the old fashion way of meeting, I have faith in the process!.....I guess I am usually a pretty quiet person but I like to do adventurous things. I like getting outside into nature. I have always been physically active and have worked to stay in good shape. I look forward to exercising. I would rather do sports than watch sports. My sporting activity has changed over the years, from surfing and volleyball to windsurfing and now to cycling and golf. I am running a little also. l would like to learn to dance better if I found the right lady to be with. I enjoy traveling to places near and far. Cultural destinations are good but my favorite vacations are to places that offer some interesting outdoor activity such as hiking or mountain biking or maybe just walking around. I am up for trying new things. I do enjoy watching movies, especially independent or foreign films. They can take you away form the ordinary and often seem more authentic than the mass market stuff. I do not watch much TV, maybe some PBS shows or occasional sports, but I'm definitely not a football/baseball junky. I like a lot of outdoors like going to the movie and going camping, I love to play tennis,golf,soccer and baseball

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40, female, Single

Augusta, United States

My name is Julie I'm single never married..... I just got out in bad relationship some months ago....My x boy friend had an affair with someone I knew. I decided to try this online dating scene maybe it will work out for me. I'm pretty new on this, Here's a little about me. I was born in Italy Naples raised up in California parents I am 5 foot 6 and 106 lbs, I have blue eyes and black hair. I can make you very happy and love to laugh. I'm a sensitive, intelligent, passionate affectionate,loyal, caring, generous, communicative and creative. I have many varied interests-running, gym, watching football, swimming, diving, and squash. I like the cinema, gigs and theatre. I also have a wide taste in music. I love to traveling and ocean diving so swimming is a must. i'm looking for a man that can make me happy and be there for me through thick and thin and that can help me find the treasure that i have lost and will see me through all my ups and down, a man that is loving caring and understanding.If you would like to keep in touch just come say hi.

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32, male, Single

Palale Silangan, Philippines

my name is gadz i am a half filipino-chinese, presently im living here in Philippines.. well i am a type of person who can live alone i have few friends... i am an introvert type of person not fond to be extrovert :). you cannot guess my movements and thoughts. i have wide views concerning on our world.. i live a simple life yet mysterious, only close friends know me. although i am a person that is kinda strict, still i am a lovable person, caring person, you can trust me and i assure you your secrets will never go out. i like talkative people, i like person who has sense of humor, i hate boring non sense people... and most of all, for now.. i live a life alone.. well if you can change me. why dont you try me :)... I stand-out because I choose to STAND while others BLEND.I STAND-OUT because I refuse to stay CRUDE, even if it means grinding off my skin.And when you grind off your crude skin, people start seeing your new form as unfathomable... you cant temp me, you cant pull me in, and you cant mess me... im busy for my priorities.. so haters keep on hating me its useless^_^- Analytical- Observant- Helpful- Reliable- Preciseooops i forgot.. hehe i can do something, that a witty person cant :) thats all... and im not always online here if you are really interested to know me.. just check me on facebook type my fullname GADINIE QUE thats my real name.. see yah :)

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Al `Abdaliyah, Kuwait

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Pyramids of Giza, , Egypt

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Righia, Algeria

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Rania, Iraq


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