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47, male, Divorced

Bremen, United States

I'm an educated individual that’s been fortunate to grow up around a loving family and friends and have the experiences, battle scars, and memories to boot. I can be a mix of both old and new. I enjoy routines at times and am happy to shake up the routine or go far afield for a new adventure. Family is important to me. I strongly believe in service to other persons or causes. I believe life is about exploring the avenues you cross. I also firmly believe that knowing and being happy with oneself is the best foundation for giving to others.

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55, male, Divorced

Romans, Italy

My Name is James Miller from Battle Creek Michigan, USA. I am a friendly, passionate, happy soul at peace & fulfilled within my own life. I believe in leading a compassionate, conscious lifestyle with loving respect for the earth and all of her beings. I study and work within the Celtic shamanic tradition and I walk a path focused on the native spirituality of my own land. I think of myself as being in service to the earth and all of her inhabitants in a 'helping & healing' capacity.

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43, male, Separated

Abbeydale, United Kingdom

Hi, my names Mark. I am 36 years old and recently seperated after a long term relationship and marriage. My hobbies are obviously music (!), in particular brass bands. I have been involved in bands all my life (its a family thing!) although have dabbled in jazz, classical and have done lots of shows as a pit musician. Over the last five years I have been concentrating on conducting although have recently been tempted out of 'retirement' to play at a recent competition. Being involved in brass banding has given me the opportunity to tour lots of different countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Holland, France and Hungary. My day job involves working in customer service for a wine company - wine is another passion of mine! I am easy going, enjoy a laugh and a joke but also very caring. Feel free to message me - I will always reply!

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35, female, Single

Kabangasan, Philippines

I'm starting my own Burger Business here in Philippines and I also have a steady job as an IT Service Desk in VXI Global Holdings. I like to paint, sing and go out. I want to travel and have been to several beaches here in Philippines. I love watching Anime and reading Mangas

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61, male, Divorced

Washington, United States

Originally from Himalaya, I have been living in Bay area for 15 years. i am a breathwork practitioner, a yogi, a vegetarian chef, integral life coach. I love reading and writing, I am published poet in my language. I am always positive and know how to accept and stay centered and grounded through hardship of life. Everything for me is sacred and Divine! Relationship is sacred, Eating is scared....I love nature, people and life. I am fortunate that i know how to be happy and my love and devotion for Divine makes my life full and meaningful! Meditation is my passion. I mediate to awaken, to have fun,to pass time.. I am looking a mate who can be my best friend and walk with me on my journey to awaken,to be in service to Divine, to participate in evolution of the Cosmos, to evolve in Truth, Beauty and Goodness, embracing every walks of life-pain or pleasure, hardship or easiness, breakdown or breakthrough,success or matter what...who is willing to keep breathing, keep smiling and enjoying the process.....who wants to explore tantra with me....From relationship I would expect deep friendliness with intimacy, passion and commitment to grow together helping each other to free from ego and from false identification and ignorance.

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Safsaf, Algeria

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Khirbat al Jamah, Syrian Arab Republic

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Jabal al Abyad, Oman

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`Ayn al Qudayrah, Palestinian Territories

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Fadliyah, Sudan

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Al Ma'moon, Iraq

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Ifrane Atlas Seghir, Morocco

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Harisso, Somalia

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Khenifra, Morocco

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Khirbat al Jamah, Syrian Arab Republic

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Jabal al Abyad, Oman

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Fadliyah, Sudan

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Ja`dah, Saudi Arabia


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