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Jabal al Abyad, Oman

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Karbala, Iraq

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Al Ma'moon, Iraq

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Aoubellil, Algeria

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Al Badi`, Saudi Arabia

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Al Adhamiya, Iraq

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Sab' Albour, Iraq

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37, male, Single

Ashley, United States

Hi handsome man , I am new on this dating network and i am seeking for a serious relationship with a man . A man who is honest and sincere ...

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67, male, Married

Raleigh, United States

Nelson Michael is the name, and i am from America and a military personnel, i am here because i have it mind that i am going to see my life partner here, i am among of those people who never believe on anything like internet dating until a friend told me a lot about it and he also go further to say he got his wife through internet dating, that is the most reason why i am here because i believe that there are still good woman on earth and i am also going to see my life partner here on this site OK...

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33, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

It is a pleasure to be in this dating site, I am a nice, good looking and easy going girl.

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35, male, Single

Stadl-Paura, Austria

Looking for casual dating with interesting people

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42, female, Single

Centerville, United States

I'm 35years old still single., 5' 8"fit, about 120 lbs, real estate,am searching on internet dating on Amateur match and i see your profile baby i really like it and i will like to chat and talk about it I am open minded and God fearing woman, I love to read the bible and share the word of God with my love, I am a good woman a woman of substance and have always been a good servant to the Lord...i am looking for a good,honest,cherishing,caring and loving,passionate and affectionate,honest and reliable,trustworthy man a good religious man,that have a great sense of humor and god fearing which i believe is the most things in this life and it is so necessary in life......

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Khirbat al Jabiri, Palestinian Territories

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Taza Khormatoo, Iraq

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Skikda, Algeria

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Az Za`atirah, Egypt

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Al Maqbarah al Luthiriyah, Palestinian Territories

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Dabai Jidou Oul Chett, Mauritania

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Saddat al Hindiyah, Iraq

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Harisso, Somalia

Dating Prospect bsc

Manshiyat `Ilwan Raqm 5, Egypt

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Oued Zeboudj, Algeria

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Righia, Algeria

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Ifrane Atlas Seghir, Morocco

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Manshiyat `Ilwan Raqm 5, Egypt

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Taza Khormatoo, Iraq

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Duhouk, Iraq

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Rayaare, Somalia


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