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36, male, Single

Harshaw, United States

I am a non-arab who is interested in dating an arab women. I am attracted to the language and culture, and would like to be with someone who wants to teach and share her culture with me.

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38, female, Single

Fort Bliss, United States

I love to cook ,clean and make my man feel special. I also like to travel,shopping,fishing,and on rainy days I can sit back and read a good book.I just haven't met the right person yet.This is my first dating site so I'm giving it a try! I believe all police deserve a good mate. Someone to come home to with a good home cook meal and a clean cozy home. In the pass I have met the wrong people,that didn't even deserve any of my time.

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50, male, Single

Witney, United Kingdom

It's nice to be back in a rural idyll, after recently giving up a demanding media job in London, and to spend more time with my daughter. It feels like the right time to be back in circulation - for dating or a relationship. I'm fairly sporty and adventurous, but also enjoy the quieter pursuits, such as good conversation and being in Nature. Still quite ambitious, but in more creative ways. I have been a journalist with the Sunday Times and Financial Times, but write now to change humanity for the better - by showing its hidden mechanisms and possibilities - through features or TV screenplays.

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28, male, Single

Millheim, United States

Hey my name is Seth :) I have been playing guitar and bass for about 8 years now. I have been playing guitar in a punk-pop band called Absolute Hero for about half a year now and our first EP is getting ready to drop soon! I am on here because I have gone through quite a few relationships that made me feel like the girl I was with didn't understand or support my love of music and playing guitar. I feel like dating someone with the same love of music as me would be amazing!

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57, male, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

i'm very serious about this online dating,because i hope i will find the right man for my heart through this online dating that's why I'm here..and i want you to know that i'm not the types of woman who usually come online just for playing games or breaking heart..

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