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Rush Green, United Kingdom

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Age: 31


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I am seeking an extraordinary partner to share the next phase of my life with; a man who has an open mind and warm heart, and someone who recognizes that the joys in life are richer when shared. .. Foremost someone who is a mensch! Defined as someone:"whose own needs and desires are limited by the needs and desires of others; who demonstrates kindness, decency humility and is sensitive to the feelings of others." Someone who practices platinum and golden rules. 
This partnership is based on a solid foundation of friendship and respect, with acceptance, support, mutual trust, reliability, compassion, and importantly, laughter. Where there are shared dreams; a good balance of friendship and romance with passion, intellect, depth, shared values and interests, warmth, affection and where physical intimacy is the extension of this emotional intimacy. One where both of us are devoted and committed to the growth and success of the relationship, with open honest communication. Beyond that, I'm going to lay it all out there (in no particular order) regarding my "ideal" partner and “soul mate”:
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