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Yolo, United States

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Age: 53


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Hello, There is nothing that I value as I do the love of someone who is truly devoted to the Champion Lover of the Universe, and cherishes the miracle of love as I do. I too have been hurt by those who claim to love me, but just don't appreciate the caring devotion  that only Christ can produce in someones heart. Someone said that  either we will love things and use people to acquire more things, or we  will love people and use things to acquire more people(for Jesus sake). I am a passionate lover because He has made me that way, and  YES, you can trust me with your heart. Anyone that recognizes that  Jesus deserves our everything for all the suffering He has gone through  for us, deserves to be treated as royality, because that is who they  are. As a child of God, I will treat you with the utmost care, and will  cherish you as the gift from God that you are! I will seek your greatest, deepest, most enduring joy, because your joy is my joy.YES I  CAN TRUST YOU ALOT WITH MY HEART WITH YOU..and U never try to hurt me  once
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